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Commercial Landscaping Richmond, KY

We are committed to providing commercial landscape management to maintain your lawn & plant materials healthy & weed-free.

We are committed to providing commercial landscape management to maintain your lawn & plant materials healthy & weed-free.

If your business is in Richmond, KY or in the surrounding communities of London, Berea or Lexington, and you are looking for commercial landscaping, look no further than Greenscape Enterprises, headquartered in Berea, to provide your commercial landscaping services.  Greenscape Enterprises is a Kentucky-based, family-owned business that serves the Central and South Central Kentucky region, including Richmond.  Greenscape takes great pride in putting forth the best impression possible for businesses in our region. Whether you are a business owner or a property manager, you know how important that first impression is to your customers:  an attractive, landscape sends a strong signal of being a professional, well-run business that values attention to detail. Let Greenscape Enterprises partner with you to give your property its best look possible all four seasons of the year.

When Greenscape Enterprises works with you on commercial landscaping in Richmond, KY, you are working with a company that is committed to achieving your landscaping goal: an attractive, healthy, well-maintained property surrounding your business. Our work with you will, from start to finish, be a combination of your best ideas and our recommendations, based upon our many years of beautifying Richmond and its surrounding communities. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and we achieve this through our attention to detail and fulfillment of your expectations. When contracting for commercial landscaping in Richmond, KY you will experience that Greenscape's commitment to perfection is second to none. We believe that our satisfied customers and their stunning landscaping is the best promotion of our work with commercial landscaping in Richmond, KY.

Our commercial landscaping in Richmond KY and the surrounding Central and South Central region of Kentucky always involves a number of steps:

  • a site visit to fully understand your property
  • development of a plan based on your thoughts and our suggestions
  • commitment to bringing your commercial landscaping project within your budget
  • successful execution of the plan to completely satisfy your goals

Because we are a homegrown commercial landscaping business in Richmond KY, our work is based upon our experienced knowledge of the specific weather and soil conditions in which your landscaping will need to thrive. Greenscape Enterprises will check out your soil and adjust accordingly in order to provide the ideal environment for your plant materials to live and grow. We will place materials with the best thinking on how these materials will come together. We will plant in such a way that your commercial landscaping will not be damaged by any serious rainwater run-off issues. At Greenscape Enterprises we take your investment in commercial landscaping seriously and will do everything possible to maximize your investment. We view our clients as our partners and we want our partnerships to be successful.

Greenscape Enterprises has a great deal of experience in commercial hardscaping as well as commercial landscaping in Richmond, KY.  Depending upon the goals for your property, we are hardscape professionals who can bring your property to life with hardscaping features. Our company is full-service and when we complete your landscaping and hardscaping we are also ready and able to maintain this property in perfect form.

When you turn to Greenscape Enterprises for commercial landscaping in Richmond KY or the surrounding communities of Lexington, Berea or London, you are placing this important element of property development in the hands of a company that has been in the landscaping business for years.  As a well-known company providing commercial landscaping  in the Central and South Central region of Kentucky, our commitment is to attractive design that is appropriate for your structure, use of appropriate plant materials that will withstand the test of time, hardscaping if desired that will enhance the beauty and practicality of your landscape and the development of a landscape maintenance program that will protect your investment.

Landscaping has never been more popular, not just for homes but also for businesses, than at the current time. Your customers expect to arrive at an attractively landscaped location that welcomes them to your place of business, providing both curb appeal as well as obvious, safe walkways to and from your entrance.  Richmond, KY is no exception to this phenomenon and businesses are stepping up to this expectation. Contact Greenscape Enterprises today and begin the process of great commercial landscaping.  We remind you that your business gets only one chance to make that first great impression.  Let Greenscape Enterprises commercial landscaping make it a great one in Richmond, KY!


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